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Title: College Catalogs
Description: The LSSC Catalog collection is comprised of every edition of the catalog created, from 1962 - 2016. Digital versions are available for the full run and print editions can be found in College Archives collection at the Leesburg campus.
Title: Graduation Programs
Description: This collection contains commencement programs documenting the graduation history of the institution. It should be noted that the collection is incomplete; commencement programs are not available for every year. The predominant dates are 2005-2015.
Title: The Angler
Description: This collection contains publications of The Angler: the school news paper of Lake-Sumter Junior College, Lake-Sumter Community College, and Lake-Sumter State College. The Angler covers the colleges' growth, relations with the public, club activities, and many other topics relevant to student life. ...
Title: The Naiad
Description: The Naiad was a yearly publication by Lake-Sumter Junior and Community colleges. It was created to share the campus life, artwork, club activities, and social environment experienced by students during their enrolment at the college. From 1982 till 1987 the Naiad was published as the Naiad / Odyssey...
Title: The Odyssey
Description: The Odyssey is a yearly publication of artwork, literature, and photography created by students at Lake-Sumter State College. Beginning in 1982, the Odyssey was originally published along with Lake-Sumter's Naiad as a single book. In 1988 the Odyssey began publication as a separate entity.
Title: The Sundial
Description: The Sundial was a newsletter published by Lake-Sumter Community College for faculty and staff. The years represented in the collection include 1998, 2000, and 2001-2004.